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Simple Money System Review

Welcome to my in depth review of Simple Money System. This system was created by Joel Peterson to give you a step by step training you need to generate income online. So how it works is you sign up for a no cost account. Create Account

When creating an account the system takes you through a six step process to get you started with the tools you are going to need to start generating income and make all this work. You will need to do at least two of the steps to be able to start making money.

The first step is getting your tools. Which are the same tools everyone needs to build an online income.

The second step is becoming a re seller.

Now step 3 and 4 are not necessary for this this system to work, but they will help you double and triple your profits. The best part is you can always upgrade at a later time if you so do choose.

Step five is where you add the rest of the info needed to have the Simple Money System to start working for you.

Step six is the new 40 day challenge they just started to help boost your business even more.

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What you get with the system.

you will get all the training you need to be up and running and generating income as fast as possible.You will also be able to join a private FaceBook page with over 1500 active members  where you will get 24 hr support  and be able to ask questions and see what others are doing to grow their business.

Plus a done for you marketing center to use. The market center is hands down one the best I have seen out there. It lets you set up full marketing campaigns that let you track all your stats and lets you see what’s working all in your back office.

One thing I really like is you get a live daily action plan to follow so that your always on track and moving forward and stay focused on what’s important like making money.

This system is meant to do all the heavy lifting so when you send people to the system it takes over and does all the selling for you so you don’t have to.

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PROS: Very easy to use, No experience or technical skills required anybody can do this. You will become part of a team with the same common goal to make money online. Live training.

Cons: Even though Simple Money System is free you will still need to spend 39.99 a month for the tools needed to have the system work.

So I hope my Simple Money System review has helped. The system will cost you nothing to sign up and at least go through it and check it out and see if this is the right fit for you to be able to make money online.

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Ben Stone


Joel Peterson

joel petersonThe person behind the Simple Money System is Joel Peterson. Joel has been an online marketer for over ten years now. I have to say he is a real down to earth family man and takes great pride in helping others succeed at their goals online.

Joel created the system to be able to help others duplicate his success. I can say this from my own experience working with him. He is very accessible and is not one of those typical Gurus who just takes advantage of your wallet or purse. He actually cares and is always posting in the private FB group giving advice and answering questions.

Joel has created a true passive income online business from what he teaches. This guy is totally transparent about what he’s doing and how he’s doing it. He holds nothing back and he figures if it’s benefiting him then it will also benefit you in your path to online success.

Joel Peterson is a true friend and  mentor first before anything